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John Odom believes Raleigh’s best days are still ahead – by working together we can move Raleigh in the right direction and focus on finding solutions to our most demanding challenges such as keeping Police pay & training competitive, developing a comprehensive transit system, providing affordable housing, and keeping TAXES LOW. John believes that cooperative leadership will give everyone a voice in the growth and development of the city and represents the greatest chance for Raleigh to be the best place to live, work, and play.

Dorthea Dix Park Raleigh NC
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Key Issues

Getting back to basics – that means full support of police and fire departments. John has worked in the past to make sure we have good roads, great parks, and greenways, and has remained committed to BALANCING our GROWTH with keeping TAXES LOW. He has always been independent in his approach to policy and has always worked well with others to get the job done. Thanks, in part to many of these policies, we now have a thriving downtown, including improved infrastructure. John Odom has engineered many projects that benefit our city, attract jobs, and ensure that Raleigh maintains quality amenities for everyone. IT’S WHAT HE HAS ALWAYS DONE AND WILL DO AGAIN.

Support Police & Public Safety

Balance Growth

Keep Taxes Low

Improve Parks & Greenways

Ensure Transparency in City Government

Your vote your voice!

John can move RALEIGH forward in the right direction and ensure that all citizens have a voice.


Raleigh, NC Election Day

November 8, 2022 | 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM

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About John Odom

John Odom believes that the best long-term solutions are reached through hard-fought consensus and cooperation. John is an independent leader who is capable of standing for Raleigh while also working tirelessly with others to create innovative and sustainable solutions to Raleigh’s most pressing needs.

John’s proven leadership and experience include 16 years on the Raleigh City Council, during which time he worked to make sure we all have access to good roads, beautiful parks and greenways, and balanced growth, while also maintaining a commitment to LOW TAXES. During his time as a former councilman, John was known for identifying and solving problems and strengthening our city through continual communication with both council and community.

John Odom with young child holding a John Odom for City Council yard sign

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